Product Liability Insurance

IEvery business, regardless of its size, is prone to public and product liability. If a customer suffers injuries or losses through your products, he has the right to take legal action against you. The downside, which many business owners are unaware

dof, is that the claim made can be larger than the overall worth of your business. That’s right. A single claim can pull down your business to ground zero.

Why Do You Need It?

If your business is involved in an accident or incident, that has caused injuries or losses to your clients, customers or any other related person, your business will be liable to pay for the damage. Here are a few examples of the incidents you can cover through product liability insurance:

  • Damages caused to clients property while you visit it
  • Damages caused to clients property while you are using it
  • Damages caused to clients or customers while using your products
  • Damages caused to clients or customers within your premises as a result of your actions
  • Personal injuries to associates, clients or customers due to
    your products, services or business

These events might be considered of less importance; however at times they shape up to be major crimes. In the event of such an occurrence your entire life can be ruined in just a go. Therefore, it is always recommended for businesses to cover such incidents under product liability insurance. At Sydney Insurance Brokers, you have the liberty of selecting the best insurance policy. Our legal advisors can help you in determining which policy best suits your business. We take care of every aspect for you.