Businesses owe an extensive duty of care to their employees, and it covers a wide variety of personal injury events, including death and permanent disablement. Insurances such as travel or motor vehicle cover may address certain injury events, but it is essential for all businesses to have general cover which enables them to meet their legal obligations to their employees in all circumstances not covered by such specialised insurance arrangements. In addition, businesses may want to provide enhanced cover, for instance against sickness unrelated to their work, or to buy extra cover for key employees whose absence from work following injury or sickness would have serious consequences for the health of the business.

Accidents can happen in the best-run workplaces. A vast body of OHS regulation and advice exists to help businesses operate in safety. But this advice is so voluminous, and the nature of the risks so diverse, that it often requires a Personal Injury expert to correctly appraise the operations of a business, identify OHS weaknesses and strengths, and devise an insurance package which provides optimal cover for its needs.

Some Things to Consider When Buying Personal Injury Insurance

Volunteer organisations have a similar duty of care to profit-making businesses, and should have similar personal injury cover.

Many of us incorrectly estimate the cost of the consequences of an injury. Expert assistance is usually necessary to identify the costs of rehabilitation and of absence from work during recuperation. The Sydney Insurance Brokers team includes personal injury experts whose experience has helped hundreds of Sydney and New South Wales businesses secure their future against the potentially catastrophic consequences of an uninsured personal injury claim.

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