Events and Entertainment Insurance

Event organisers face a wide variety of risks, many which have the potential to destroy their business if they are not protected by adequate insurance. Many risks are common across any business, but the particular nature of events and entertainment demands an expert approach to insuring them.

Property insurance

Event organisers frequently use venues belonging to third parties and can be liable to the third parties in the event of damage to fabric, furniture, fixtures or fittings. The exposure is often brief, extending only for the duration of each event. Sydney Insurance Brokers are familiar with the conventions of venue-hiring, and offers a flexible approach to insuring episodic risks.

Public liability insurance

Anyone who experiences loss or injury at an event may have a claim against event organisers if the loss or injury was caused or contributed to by negligence. This type of risk can be hard to quantify and manage, leading to high premiums – however, an insurance broker who understands the event industry thoroughly can provide a way to protect your business without costing the earth.

Cancellation and abandonment insurance

There are many factors outside an organiser’s control that can result in the event being cancelled or postponed. Illness or injury to a key performing artist, poor weather and failure of the preceding user of the venue to vacate are only a few of the risks that can occur. Sydney Insurance Brokers can create a tailored cancellation and abandonment insurance policy to protect your business in these circumstances.

If you are planning an event, don’t let it be ruined by something unforeseen. Make sure you have all the event insurance you need so you can relax and enjoy your day. To find out more about event insurance, call one of our brokers today.