Public Liability Insurance, Sydney

Public Liability insurance covers risks arising from damage or injure third parties unconnected with a business, to which the business owes a duty of care. Liability includes the consequences of negligence or misconduct, whether on the part of you or your workforce.

The range of damaging events for which business operators can find themselves liable seems to keep on growing. Human errors will always occur, but with the right insurance you can protect your business from their potentially ruinous consequences.

Public Liability is the cornerstone of any business’ insurance protection.
A broad range of insurance cover is available to suit the operational characteristics of different businesses. Sydney Insurance Brokers liability specialists are skilled at getting to the heart of a business’ exposure, and designing packages that address them as inexpensively as possible.

Some Things to Consider When Arranging Public Liability Insurance

No matter how well you train your employees and conduct your business operations, you are always at risk of public liability claims. Even if it is eventually rejected in court, defending the claim can be nearly as expensive as the damages, had it been successful.

So extensive is the variety of events that can expose you to public liability that managers usually need the expert assistance of a specialist in the field to ensure that they have all the risks covered.

The Sydney Insurance Brokers team includes experts in public liability who can appraise your operations and help you with the vital task of identifying and assessing all the risks that are relevant to you. If you want to be sure that your public liability insurance is up to scratch, contact us today.