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Sydney Insurance Brokers provides a one-stop solution for all your business insurance requirements. We’re an insurance broker specializing in finding insurance solutions for SMEs and consultants, offering a wide range of products – from public liability insurance, to management liability and commercial business insurance. With over 30 years experience, our insurance brokers can make sure you have all the cover you need, so that if something unexpected happens, your business won’t be left vulnerable.

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Running a business can be risky and the last thing you want is for your livelihood to be impacted by an unexpected catastrophe. Make sure you are protected with business insurance that is tailored to meet your specific needs. Whatever your requirements, we are happy to discuss them with you and find a package that will offer you the appropriate level of protection, at the right price. We can help you with a number of different types policies

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If you are running a business, protecting yourself against legal costs is increasingly important as lawsuits become more common. Mistakes can sometimes be made at even the best-run businesses, and liability insurance can help ensure that an error on your part or on the part of one of your employees doesn’t mean the end of your business. There are a number of different types of liability policies that are designed to protect your business and your customers in a wide range of different scenarios.

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Casualty insurance covers a wide range of different products that are designed to protect property and people, including vehicle and personal accident insurance. Many businesses are unsure which types of casualty insurance are right for them, which is where we can help. Some of the types of casualty insurance that might be necessary for your business include:

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Events insurance offers protection for businesses and organisations that are hosting special events and activities which aren’t covered by their usual policy. This may include open days, training events, conferences and corporate events, along with parties and social events.
Events and entertainment insurance usually provides cover for a range of different liability risks. Your exact policy will vary depending on the specific event and the requirements of your business, but may include some or all of the following:

Cyber Insurance

Digital episodes can result in a huge number of dollars in remediation costs, client notice costs, robust controller fines, blackmail costs or being sued by clients or representatives for the loss of individual data and sadly independent companies are one of digital lawbreakers most loved targets.
A digital occurrence can be as basic and guiltless as appending the wrong record to an email or utilising a picture on your site which has been copyrighted by another substance to increasingly muddled circumstances, for example, a programmer assault and loss of client data.

Management Liability

Managers are typically quite familiar with the tangible risks their business needs to cover. Events like fire, burglary and personal injuries are readily envisaged, and easy to cover with insurance. But when it comes to intangibles, experience shows that managers are far less likely to have a clear appreciation of the risks to which they are exposed. One of the most difficult areas of risk is their potential personal liability to third parties for losses which are a consequence of their acts or negligence.
Traditionally, professional liability, management liability and directors’ liability have been treated as separate areas of risk, but new policies combine these risks in a single “Management Liability” unit.