Most businesses use motor vehicles of some kind – from employee personal transport, to trucks and other commercial vehicles used for transporting raw materials and products. Sydney Insurance Brokers can provide a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance cover that provides adequate cover for all risks at optimal cost.

What does motor vehicle insurance cover?

Motor vehicle Insurance covers the repair or replacement of your vehicle for events including theft, collision, fire, malicious damage and weather-related damage. It can also cover the repair and replacement of any other vehicles that are damaged by your vehicle in an accident, and damage to property. Specific coverage can include:

  • Loss or damage to your vehicle 
  • Costs that you are liable to pay due to loss or damage to another’s property due to a motor vehicle accident
  • Vehicle replacement in the event that your vehicle is declared to be a total loss, generally within two years
  • Hire car costs – covering the cost of hiring a vehicle  until the business vehicle is recovered or repaired, if selected

What does motor vehicle insurance typically not cover?

Motor vehicle insurance typically does not cover claims made under the following circumstances:

  • If the driver of the vehicle is affected by drugs or alcohol
  • The driver of the vehicle had more than the legal limit of alcohol in their breath or blood
  • The driver of the vehicle refused to take a legal test for alcohol or drugs
  • The driver of the vehicle is unlicensed, not correctly licensed or not complying with the conditions of their license
  • The vehicle is not in a roadworthy condition
  • The vehicle is unregistered or unlicensed
  • Repair of wear and tear damage to vehicle
  • Any liability which you, or anyone else, is required by law to have another policy of insurance

We offer the following motor vehicle insurance policies: 

CTP/Green Slip Insurance

Consumer third party, or ‘Green Slip’ insurance provides basic cover against injuries to third parties. By arranging fleet cover, businesses can reduce the cost of CTP cover. Sydney Insurance Brokers is thoroughly familiar with the CTP market and can help you meet your obligations at optimal cost 

Fleet Motor Vehicle Insurance

Fleet motor vehicle insurance policies can vary greatly in cost – depending on the exclusions and deductibles you select. You should select a profile of cover that strikes the best balance between exposure to minor losses and cost of cover. Our expert team of insurance brokers includes passenger vehicle insurance specialists who can help optimise your cover, taking into account special risks like salesman’s product samples, laptops, phones, etc.

Truck and Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Businesses use trucks and other commercial vehicles for a variety of purposes. These purposes often include carriage or handling of valuable cargoes, making this type of insurance more complex than passenger vehicle cover. Sydney Insurance Brokers can help you correctly assess your truck insurance needs and create a tailored package of cover for your business.