Motor Vehicle Insurance, Sydney

Most businesses use motor vehicles of some kind, whether as personal transport for employees, or in the form of trucks and other commercial vehicles used for transporting raw materials and products. Sydney Insurance Brokers can provide a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance service, providing adequate cover for all risks, at an optimum cost.

CTP/Green Slip Insurance

Compulsory Third party, or “Green Slip” insurance, provides basic cover against injuries to third parties. By arranging fleet cover, businesses can reduce the costs of CTP cover. Sydney Insurance Brokers is thoroughly familiar with the CTP market, and can help meet your obligations at the least possible cost.

General Motor Vehicle Insurance

Fleet motor vehicle insurance can vary greatly in cost, depending on the exclusions and deductibles you choose. You should select a profile of cover which strikes the best balance between exposure to minor losses on the one hand, and on the other the cost of cover. Sydney Insurance Brokers’ team of brokers includes experts in passenger vehicle insurance who can help you optimise your cover, taking into account such special risks as salesmen’s samples and laptops, phones, etc.

Truck and Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Businesses use trucks and commercial vehicles for a wide variety of purposes. These often include the carriage or handling of valuable cargoes, making this kind of insurance rather more complex than passenger vehicle cover. Sydney Insurance Brokers can help you correctly assess your truck insurance needs, and create a package of cover tailored to your business.

Getting your motor vehicle insurance package right is a job for the experts. Let Sydney Insurance Brokers appraise your cover today – you may be pleasantly surprised at the savings you can make!