Premium Funding

Cash flow can be an issue for any business and if your cash is tied up in your business this can make it difficult to pay a lump sum insurance premium each year. Unfortunately the potential cost to your business of not having adequate protection can be much more serious than a temporary cash flow issue.

If you want to avoid cash flow problems and ensure that you are always covered and your insurance premium is up-to-date, premium funding can help. There are a number of different organisations that offer premium funding to customers and at Sydney Insurance Brokers we can help you find and apply for the best premium funding package for your business.

Why Do We Collect Your Information?

Sydney Insurance Brokers collects personal information for the purposes of providing insurance services to you, including to assist you in the risk assessment of your assets and liabilities, to assist you in lodging and claim.
The personal information collected can be used or disclosed by us for a secondary purpose related to those purposes listed above, but only if you would reasonably expect us to use or disclose the information for this secondary purpose. However, for sensitive information, the secondary purpose must be directly related to the purposes listed above.

What is premium funding?

Premium funding is a short-term loan which lets you pay your insurance premiums along with any other associated costs in monthly instalments rather than having to pay a one-off yearly premium. This can help spread the cost over the year and ensure that your working capital is retained within your business without compromising on your level of cover.

At Sydney Insurance Brokers, we have access to a range of flexible premium funding options to suit your business needs. Interest rates on premium funding are usually fixed and interest charges are usually tax deductible. With most premium funding products, it is easy to alter your policy and make additions to your insurance cover as and when required.

How do I set up premium funding?

Premium funding is generally very straightforward to set up and the application process is simple. Premium funding can be set up to cover most commercial insurance types, including public liability, workers’ compensation, motor vehicle insurance, and professional indemnity insurance.

To find out more about premium funding or to submit an application please speak to one of our insurance brokers.