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How to Protect Your Small Business Against Theft

September 26, 2017

When you’re operating a business, the last thing you want is for someone to break in and steal your hard-earned valuables or sensitive business information. Getting commercial burglary insurance is essential, but the first step in protecting your business starts a little closer to home.

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Here, we detail our top tips for protecting your business against burglars.

Check the Doors

If you’re a business that doesn’t involve walk-in customers, it could be worth having swipe cards for your employees to get in, so the business is secure even when people are at work.

As obvious as it sounds, always make sure you lock the doors at the end of the day – it’s amazing how many people forget to do this when they knock off after a long day.

Finally, consider installing exterior doors that are constructed from solid core wood or metal that fits tightly into the doorframe. However, if you’re operating a retail or hospitality business or any other company that has customers coming and going, make sure you install a roller door that can be secured after hours.

Invest in Security Glass Windows and Good Locks

If a burglar finds that breaking in through your businesses doors is too hard, the next thing they will try to do is break in through the windows. However, if you have security glass windows that are much more difficult to break, they will quickly find that robbing you isn’t quite as easy as they originally thought.

Install an Alarm System for Peace of Mind

Regardless of what type of business you’re operating, an alarm system is a must! Plus, insurance companies look much more favourably on businesses that have taken every possible measure to protect their premises against theft.

There are a number of different alarm systems you can choose from, ranging in complexity from a small scale camera and alarm to a full alarm system that can be paired with an alarm monitoring station for 24/7 security. Which type you get will depend on the size of your business, your budget and what your specific security needs are. 

Check How Secure Your Safe Is

If your business is storing any valuables on site, chances are you will have a safe. But how secure is that safe? If someone were to break in, would they be able to simply pick it up and walk out with it?

Make sure your safe is bolted to the ground and that its security rating coincides with the value of the items you’re storing in it.

Commercial Burglary insurance Sydney

When you’re looking at purchasing commercial burglary insurance, you’ll quickly learn that insurance and the burglary events typically fall into three categories.

The first is theft or attempted theft that follows forcible entry into the building. The second is theft or attempted theft from someone who is concealed in the building and exits after business hours, and the third is assault or violence, which includes a burglar intimidating your employees in order to steal goods.

To find out which of the above events you should protect your business against, talk to the team at Sydney Insurance Brokers today!