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Heart-breaking Insurance Blunder

February 20, 2017

The recent tragedy for an Australian tourist in Bali highlights the critical importance of ‘reading the fine print’ and having a complete understanding of your insurance policy. Unfortunately Dawn Weldon-Schupp is realising this the hard way… but it could easily happen to anyone!


For those unfamiliar with the story:

What happens when you don't read your insurance fine print

Dawn Weldon-Schupp is a 53-year-old nurse from NSW who was involved in a tragic moped accident, colliding head-on with a truck, whilst holidaying in the Thai resort district of Ko Lanta.


While Ms Weldon-Schupp’s 14-year-old son escaped without any major injuries, Dawn suffered a brain injury, fractured skull, punctured lung and broken bones… and was rushed to the Bangkok Hospital in Phuket where she remains in a critical condition.


Ms Weldon-Schupp had comprehensive travel insurance… but soon found out she isn’t covered for the accident due to a technicality in her policy which she was unaware of. published these explanatory quotes from the insurance company:


“The engine size of the bike you rented was 110cc and is therefore considered a motorbike as per policy wording.”


“Motorcycle under the policy means any two-wheeled or three-wheeled motor vehicle with an engine displacement greater than 50cc.”


“We have confirmed you do not hold a current motorbike license.”


Ms Weldon-Schupp’s hospital bill reached $56,000 within a matter of days… and is increasing by about $2,500 every day…


Ms Weldon-Schupp’s best friend Donna Saafeld explained in an emotional social media post that repatriation costs will be $30,000, as Dawn needs to fly business class for medical reasons, and have a medical escort back to Australia.

Always read the fine print on your insurance

In a sort-of silver lining to a tragic story… Ms Saafeld has started a Go Fund Me page to help raise money for the medical expenses, to which the public has responded sympathetically, raising over $84,000 of the $100,000 total within the first week.


At Sydney Insurance Brokers, we hope the Weldon-Schupp family all the best, and urge all Australians travelling, or acquiring any sort of insurance, to make sure they read the fine print and have a thorough understanding over their policy coverage.