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Handle Insurance Claims of Staff by Acquiring Employee Practices Insurance Policy

August 13, 2016

To create a suitable working environment, it is important for any organization’s management to maintain a good relationship with its employees. But often misbehavior or harassment by a manger to a worker leads to legal issues which in turn ruin the reputation of the organization. So, how would you as the Managing Director makes sure that this problem doesn’t affect the day to day functioning of your business? One of the ways of doing so is by acquiring an employment practices insurance policy. It covers a wide range of areas like workplace harassment, wrongful discharge, emotional distress, workplace discrimination, possibly privacy and reputation based claims.

But one thing to note is that the coverage offered by this policy is quite complex. As per law, companies cannot insure against intentional injuries. But in some respects, employment practices insurance policy protects organizations from intentional injuries done by employees with their knowledge or consent. So, it does not cover injuries caused by the company rather than those for which other employees or managers are responsible. Most companies who offer this type of insurance policy make distinction by separating coverage from violations of the law.

To have a clear idea about the areas which will be covered by this policy, you can acquire advice of any insurance brokerage firm based in Sydney. Companies based in this part of Australia have gained reputation over the last few years for the high quality of their services. They will provide you with details about laws related to this type of insurance policy and make sure that you don’t have to pay a large sum as compensation for the claims made an employee from your own pocket.