Directors and Officers Liability

At Sydney Insurance Brokers, we understand the immense pressure company directors and officers’ face. They need to be cautious for errors and irregularities while carrying out their duties in order to keep themselves away from any corporate liability.

With a plethora of ordinances and regulations in place today, it has become impossible for businesses to avoid legal action, if they are not covered by Directors and Officers Liability insurance.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance protects you, your company and its assets against liability claims.

Here are a few examples of situations where Directors and Officers Liability Insurance can be useful:

  • Harassment, discrimination, defamation, wrongful discipline, reach of employment terms and misleading representation of terms to or by employees within or outside the company
  • Directors and officers of government agencies personally liable for any damage by the company to a client, employee or Customer
  • Misconduct or misleading act towards competitors in accordance with the Trade Practices Act
  • Mismanaging of funds or shares that can lead to damages or losses for shareholders or stakeholders

We, at Sydney Insurance Brokers, take care of all your Directors and Officers Insurance needs. Our experienced professionals make sure to get you a policy that is best for you and your business. We take pride in calling ourselves leaders in the industry.

With Sydney Insurance Brokers, you are in safe hands!

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