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Travel Insurance

Volcanic Ash in Bali Sheds Some Light on the Importance of Corporate Travel Insurance

November 28, 2017

Before heading overseas, make sure that both you and your team are prepared to embark on both an enjoyable and safe trip. Having a good insurance policy is crucial, and to ensure you’re not going to be left high and dry, reading the fine...

8 of the Strangest Travel insurance Claims Ever Made

July 27, 2017

Going on a holiday is supposed to be a fun and exciting experience but things don’t always go to plan. Before you set off on your trip of a lifetime, make sure you’ve arranged the appropriate travel insurance, because the last thing you want...

Is Your Business Travel Insurance Up-to-Date?

May 17, 2017

 Do you or your staff ever travel for work? If you do, having adequate travel insurance is a must! Whether you’re travelling domestically or internationally, frequently or only occasionally, if you don’t have insurance for you and your employees, you’re...