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8 of the Strangest Travel insurance Claims Ever Made

July 27, 2017

Going on a holiday is supposed to be a fun and exciting experience but things don’t always go to plan. Before you set off on your trip of a lifetime, make sure you’ve arranged the appropriate travel insurance, because the last thing you want is to be left out of pocket if disaster strikes while you’re away.

weird travel insurance claims

However, not all travel insurance claims are all ‘doom and gloom’, some of them are actually quite humorous.

We’ve compiled some of our favourites.

Lost Teeth

When vomiting over the side of a cruise ship, an old age pensioner lost his false teeth in the ocean. When he lodged his insurance claim, he filed it under ‘lost baggage’.

A Crushed Tent

Imagine going for a camping trip in Wales only to have a parachute land on your tent and ruin all of your equipment. Sadly for the not-so-happy campers, their insurance company thought their claim was a tad outlandish and didn’t approve their claim.

A Failed Ski Trip

After arriving at an Alpine resort only to realise there wasn’t enough snow to go skiing, one slightly ambitious traveller thought her insurance company might reimburse her for her new skis. Not surprisingly her claim was rejected.

Killer Coconuts

The last thing you’d expect when relaxing under a palm tree in Sri Lanka is to end up in hospital after a coconut hits you on the head. Sadly for one tourist, this unexpected event put a damper on her trip, but her insurance company did cover the medical expenses for her.

A Barbequed Wedding Dress

What girl wouldn’t love to get married in the Caribbean? Well, one bride-to-be’s wedding took a nasty turn when her wedding dress caught fire during a barbeque. The groom then grabbed her and threw her into the ocean. Despite the dramas of the day, the couple’s insurance covered the cost of their ruined outfits.

Pretty Girls and a Broken Nose

A young British lad was so taken by a group of beautiful women in bikinis while holidaying in Athens that he didn’t see a bus shelter until it was too late. His broken nose probably didn’t help him pick up any ladies on the rest of his trip, but at least his travel insurance covered his medical bills.

Buried Treasure

Two children in Cornwall thought they were doing their parents a favour by burying their camera in the sand at the beach so it wouldn’t get stolen. However, much to their parents’ horror, when the boys went to retrieve the camera, they couldn’t remember where they had put it. While the children probably got into a lot of trouble, at least their insurance covered the cost of the lost goods.

Monkey Business

While holidaying in Malaysia, a couple had their clothes stolen from their cabin and scattered across the local rainforest. Luckily for their wardrobe, the insurance company paid their claim.

While it’s easy to laugh at these funny claims, not all travel insurance claims are this simple. Talk to Sydney Insurance Brokers about your next trip and what cover you need today!