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4 Essential Types of Insurance for Event Organisers

November 6, 2017

Organising a successful event involves a lot more than just picking a great venue and supplying enough food and drink for all of your guests. If you’re operating an events-based business where throwing corporate, government or personal parties are your bread and butter, then you’ll also need to think about event insurance Sydney.

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Insurance is usually the last thing on anyone’s mind, but with it comes the peace of mind that your event company is protected financially against any possible risks or exposures that could have a negative impact on your business.

Here, we look at four of the most important types of cover that should be included in any events insurance policy.

Property Insurance


If you’re using a venue that’s owned by a third party, there’s a good chance you will be liable if anything gets damaged at your event. This includes things like damage to furniture, fixtures and fittings, as well as things like ruined fabrics or property damage.


However, due to the nature of your business, your exposure will be limited to a brief window of time, which is why we offer a flexible approach to insuring episodic risks.


Employment Practices Insurance


Much like your need for property insurance will be episodic, there’s a good chance you will only need employee liability insurance in the events industry for brief chunks of time on a recurring basis. For instance, you might have a large number of ad hoc employees and very few permanent workers. Your insurance should be tailored to suit this.


Public Liability Insurance


Anyone who suffers loss or injury at an event may have a claim against its organisers if your negligence caused or contributed to the mishap. These risks can be hard to quantify and manage, leading to high premiums. But a broker who understands the event industry thoroughly can show you a way to protect yourself without it costing the earth.


Cancellation and Abandonment Insurance


Unfortunately, when organising an event, there is a chance it can get cancelled or postponed for reasons out of your control.



This could be because your performer has fallen sick or sustained an injury, severe weather conditions prevent the celebration going on like normal, or the person renting the venue space before you has failed to vacate. These are just a handful of reasons why an event could get cancelled, all of which could prove expensive for event organisers. You might have already paid deposits on catering and entertainment, ticket purchases might need to be refunded, and a lot of payable man-hours would have been wasted.


However, Sydney Insurance Brokers can provide the insurance cover you need, so your financial investment remains protected if an event gets cancelled for a reason outside of your control.


As a professional insurance broker Sydney, we specialise in all forms of insurance, including accident insurance Sydney, business health insurance, business interruption insurance and much more! For assistance with your event insurance in Sydney, or any other professional insurance needs, contact the team at Sydney Insurance Brokers today!