Volcanic Ash in Bali Sheds Some Light on the Importance of Corporate Travel Insurance

November 28, 2017

Before heading overseas, make sure that both you and your team are prepared to embark on both an enjoyable and safe trip. Having a good insurance policy is crucial, and to ensure you’re not going to be left high and dry, reading the fine...

Casualty Insurance 101

November 6, 2017

With running a business comes risk. Regardless of how careful you are, your business, whether it’s a café, a bookstore or a travel agency, will be exposed to risk on a daily basis. This is why business insurance is so important. There are a...

4 Essential Types of Insurance for Event Organisers

November 6, 2017

Organising a successful event involves a lot more than just picking a great venue and supplying enough food and drink for all of your guests. If you’re operating an events-based business where throwing corporate, government or personal parties are your bread and butter, then...