Business Insurance: Fires, Floods, and Storms

February 23, 2017

Commercial Property Insurance is a must for all businesses, but is especially important in regions of Australia that are particularly prone to bushfires, floods, and bad storms. Thanks to Australia’s hot and dry climate, the country is particularly susceptible to bushfires, especially during parts...

Heart-breaking Insurance Blunder

February 20, 2017

The recent tragedy for an Australian tourist in Bali highlights the critical importance of ‘reading the fine print’ and having a complete understanding of your insurance policy. Unfortunately Dawn Weldon-Schupp is realising this the hard way… but it could easily happen to anyone!  ...

D&O Insurance Exclusions

February 2, 2017

As with all types of insurance, Directors & Officers policies can include a number of exclusions. Whilst this type of insurance is designed to provide a broad coverage to protect businesses, their directors and officers and their assets against liability claims… there are some...