Avoid Lengthy Court Battles with A Public Liability Insurance Cover

August 21, 2016

All businesses go through different cycles like boom, depression, etc. But certain issues like injuries to clients or damage to their property can lead to long-term legal litigations. These court cases not only cause loss of reputation to a company, but also lead to...

Green Slips: A Convenient Insurance Measure for Road Accident Issues

August 19, 2016

Injuries and deaths caused by road accidents is a major issue which automobile owners are concerned with. Even if you have faced no driving related issues in the past, then a simple mistake on your part can seriously risk the life of a pedestrian...

Plumbers’ Insurance – What Are The Essentials?

August 18, 2016

We are constantly surprised at the extent to which otherwise prudent and competent tradesmen have deficient insurance cover. This article looks at the plumbing trade, and at the areas of risk that are often misunderstood, or neglected altogether. What we generally find when we’re...