Insurance for Cash and Valuables

Despite the increasing number of transactions that are today made electronically, a very large number of businesses still rely heavily on the use of cash. These businesses need to be adequately covered against theft or loss of cash money. Other businesses’ operations involve handling other convertible valuables, such as security documents, precious metals and gems. These are specialised risks, and businesses require expert advice to ensure that their risks are appropriately covered.

What You Should Know About Money Insurance

Money Insurance can provide for the reimbursement of part of the value of cash lost in specified circumstances.

The terms of your policy, as with any risk, will require you to take reasonable measures to safeguard the insured money. They may specify some or all of these measures, such as the use of a strong room to store cash and valuables while the business is unattended, and a protocol for handling them during business hours.

Transit Insurance

All carriers, couriers and other transport providers have some form of insurance covering the goods they carry, but it is usually extremely limited in extent, and loaded with exclusions. A good business insurance policy will provide cover for a wide variety of transit risks, including loading/unloading, mishandling during storage and theft.

Sydney Insurance Brokers business owners’ policies are tailor made for each of our customers. We help them determine the key risks they face, and identify contingent losses that may arise from specified events. And we create cover packages which address these risks in a way that is optimal for the long term health of their businesses.

To make sure that your business is adequately protected against loss or theft of money or valuables, give us a call today.