Break a pane of glass in your home, and you may have the inconvenience of having to board it up for as long as it takes to get a glazier to call. But broken glass in business premises can bring a business to a standstill, sometimes for extended periods. A business insurance policy that provides good glass cover, including emergency repair an loss of revenue, is a must for many businesses, especially in the retail and hospitality sectors.

What Can Glass Insurance Cover?

Glass insurance can cover internal and external glass. Also available is cover for illuminated signs, and features such as skylights, ornamentation, mirrors and glass doors.

Some Things to Consider When Buying Glass Insurance

Glass insurance is typically divided into cover for named risks, such as

  • The cost of temporary shuttering
  • Damage to signwriting, ornamentation, reflective materials, burglar alarm tapes and connections
  • Damage caused by external violence to window / door frames and tiled shop fronts
  • Damage or Spoilage to Property
  • Damage to electrically illuminated signs including those made of perspex or plastic, regardless of whether other glass is broken

Each of these risks will be covered to an upper limit for each event. Businesses need to consider each type of risk carefully, to make sure that in each case they have adequate protection. The help of an experienced broker is invaluable.

The team at Sydney Insurance Brokers includes specialists in this kind of loss, who have been helping Sydney and NSW businesses protect themselves against the consequences of glass breakage for decades now. We can help you correctly and comprehensively assess the risks you face, and recommend the cover that offers optimal protection for your business.

If you’re in any doubt about your glass insurance, give us a call today.