One of any business’ most basic insurance needs is to cover risks to the fabric of the buildings from which it operates.

There are many insurable risks that affect commercial property, and it is the duty of managers to see that they are adequately covered. Obvious risks include fire, theft and weather damage.

Before you Choose your Premises

The location of a building may have a dramatic effect on the availability and/or cost of insurance cover. For instance, buildings in low-lying areas may find that flood insurance may be treated differently.

Before buying or leasing your premises, therefore, you should consult an expert insurance broker who can advise you on the insurability of the building in general, and in particular on any risks that may require specific cover. Your Sydney Insurance Brokers consultant will be happy to assist.

If You Already Occupy Your Premises

Particularly if you are renting your building, it pays to review your insurance cover to ensure that you are adequately covered, that you are not paying for duplicated cover, and that your insurance premiums represent the best possible value for the risks covered.

Landlord and Tenant

Where commercial premises are rented, the landlord will remain liable for certain property risks. These will be determined by the terms of the tenancy agreement or lease. A careful examination of your lease by an insurance expert may be necessary to ensure that your insurance cover is not duplicated, or, worse, inadequate in scope.

Your Sydney Insurance Brokers consultant will be happy to assist you, and to create a policy perfectly tailored to your needs.